Using social media to improve your economy

Making money with YouTube and Facebook

Promoting Products

Some people are certainly making some cash using Facebook and YouTube and this is why some experts are encouraging others to use these social media sites for improving their economies.

According to many people, you can make tons of money with this method, by prmoting other people’s products on your social media networks. There are already many sources that can aid you with useful information about this topic and many are available for free.

The following is video that will guide you through some of the processes of using these social media networks and others to improve your economy. There are certainly many other methods to use these social media methods for improving your economy, but these are only a few of them.



Earn some cash with Twitter

How to make money with Twitter

Making profits with Twitter

There are many people claiming to be experts on how to make money on Twitter, but you should certainly be wary of them. Some will give the idea of opening more than one account and trying to get automatic software to help you get to a large number of Twitter users.  There also some self claimed experts that will tell you that you need to get to know your Twitter followers and grow a relationship with them.

The problem comes because these people are not telling the truth and they are not actually making a lot of money on Twitter as they claim. Finding people who are actually earning some profits every month from Twitter is not easy, but it is also not impossible. Most of the products about this topic will seem like spam and some will have some useful information for you.

Twitter Cash Blueprint is one of the options that can really teach you more about making some profits with Twitter. This piece of information was created by a 15 year old, yet he is right on the mark on this one.

There are also many videos on YouTube and the web, which can help you to learn more tips about making money with Twitter and making it a profitable venture or hobby.


Different social bookmarking websites

Sites you can use for social bookmarking

Making social bookmarking part of your online life

In this post, all of you who have been looking for websites that provide social bookmarking, will get some options that you can use right now. This is not a very large list, but it contains the sites that have worked for others and that have good reviews. The list contains 24 different social bookmarking sites that you can use to improve your online presence.

Although Facebook and Twitter are not considered social bookmarking sites, they also have some similar functions, which can surely help you.  The list of social bookmarking sites that you should give a try is:

  • Delicious
  • Stumbleupon
  • Digg
  • Reddit
  • Diggo
  • Bibsonomy
  • Blogbookmark
  • Blinklist
  • Connotea
  • Fark
  • FriendFeed
  • Google Bookmarks
  • JumpTags
  • MisterWong
  • Newsvine
  • Plurk
  • Posterous
  • Splashdot
  • Sphinn
  • Techmeme
  • Tumblr
  • Yahoo Bookmarks

Hope that this lists helps you to have a better social bookmarking campaign


Getting to understand social bookmarking

Social Bookmarking Software That Helps

Finding The Right Tools

It is very likely that you have heard about social bookmarking, but it is also very likely that you have no idea what this is. In a few words, social bookmarking is almost the same as the bookmarking that is allowed in the most common internet browsers. Remembering webpages is simple by clicking on the bookmark button and many people use this feature on a daily basis.

What social bookmarking does is to allow other people to have a look at your bookmarks and software like Digg and Delicious are allowing users to do just this. If you get a very large social bookmarking network, Google will notice it and your webpage will get a better ranking in the search results. There are many lists of useful social bookmarking services and websites on the web and most of these are available for free.

There are many benefits that you can advantage of by having a social bookmarking option and some of these include:

  • Readers have a lot more access to information that is useful to them
  • Sharing your bookmarks will give you popularity
  • For bloggers and websites, this will help to draw traffic

Accomplishing this

Getting into social bookmarking is not hard at all and anyone can get into it right away. Sites like Stumblupon allows readers to save their bookmarks and share them with other users. Those who own a blog can install many of the social bookmarking applications that allow their visitors to share your blog posts and information with others. is another good option for getting more social bookmarking, as it allows you to pay for someone to share your information with others, attracting some traffic to your site or blog.

Automatic processes work best when working on a large scale social bookmarking netwrok, but starting on your own is simple and an excellent idea to increase your internet prescence.


Smug marketing campaigns?

A controversial iPhone ad

Learning more about marketing campaigns

The video link that you will find below,  is a parody that was created based on an iPhone advertisement and it is quite entertaining to watch.

Some marketing advertisements can have a smug or arrogant style and this is why this parody of an advertisement was created. Many people like this phone and it is a great product, but some of its advertisements or marketing campaigns can sure seem arrogant or smug at times.  The iPhone has been a great success over the years and this only proves that it is a fantastic product and that it does what it was designed to do.  Marketing an iPhone was easy and this is why this parody was also easy to create.




Setting up your Vanity URL in your Facebook Fan Page

 Doing the job right

Using Facebook for your own good

In this article, you will learn about how to make your Facebook fan page more popular and to be seen by more people in just a few simple steps. The article also includes the link to a video, which will help you to understand this better.

The Vanity URL or Facebook fan page URL is a very important part of your fan page and if you create it well, you could increase your traffic very fast. The words that are included in the URL are the words that people most commonly use to find your page and if you place the correct ones, you will appear in their searches a whole lot more.  Not many people know this and that it can also be sued to increase the popularity of your page.  The steps to follow for changing the words in your URL are the following:

  • Sign in to your Facebook account
  • Type in your browser and it will redirect you to the place where you can manage your username
  • In this section, you can manage the pages that you can choose from
  • Once the page you want has been selected, you can then type in the words you want to appear there in the right box that is on the right side of this section.
  • If the page is available, you can then choose to save your setting

You should also follow some of the advice described below in order to have a more popular Facebook fan page:

  • You cannot change your page name until 25 people have liked your fan page. Reading about how to get more Facebook friends, followers and likes is important to learn about this.
  • Think about what you want people to see. Whether it is your business name, your company’s name or the service that you provide, it is important to find words that would commonly describe you and that people already use to find you.
  • If services or products are being promoted, several pages can be created to describe each one of them

In the video below, you can watch exactly how changing your Facebook fan page URL is done and how you can change yours in just a couple of minutes.



Automatic link creation

Using a Word Press plugin

Applications that help your SEO

There are many Word Press plugins that can be really useful, but there is one that you cannot be without, if you want to have a successful SEO campaign.

The point of SEO is to get as many links published in your site, as well as in other valuable sites, to have a good marketing campaign.

With the help of this plugin, you will have no problem managing your internal and external links.  It even helps you to manage the links between the multiple accounts that you might have in Word Press.

The plugin works by getting the keywords from your site and links them to phrases or other keywords within your site.  As soonas you add more information and posts to your site, the plugin will detect it and add the links to the keywords that it recognizes.

It can also be customized to link only to certain text or sites that you want to. If you have several Word Press sites, this is an excellent plugin, because it will help you manage all of them and the links too.  With the help of this pluign you will get more words for external and internal links.

After you have installed this plugin, you will have an easier time managing your Word Press sites and your links will be more successful too.


Dominating your niche with keyword research

Doing a good keyword research

Beating your competition

There are many methods for getting your site into the top ranking in the search engine lists and the following video will teach you exactly how to do it.  The video is the second part to the guide and it was developed by an expert in the niche domination skills.


Appearing higher in the search engine ranks

Getting high quality engines to publish your links

Making an appearance online

If you have been trying to get some of your sites or your only website to the top of the ranks in search engine results, but are still not getting any good results, your best choice is to get high quality search engines to publish your links.

There is only one complication to this method and that is that it takes a long time to accomplish and you must work really hard.

There are also some techniques that can help you to achieve this in a shorter period of time, but you must follow the next steps.  There are some services that can help you to accomplish this for a moderate price, which is totally worth it and one of these examples can be found here

With this directory, you will have access to at least 1200 high quality directories and they also help you to get your links published. Getting submitted is no problem, as you will not have to publish other links to directories.

With this service, you will receive one way links, which gain you votes on Google and other search engines, which are in fact the measurement for popularity of sites.  If your site has the most votes, it will appear on top of the result lists.

This service will surely aid you to getting a better rank in search engine results and there are other services similar to this one, which can also help you for a moderate price or sometimes even at no cost.


Advice from Matt Cutts

SEO Experts share their knowledge

Incredible video to train yourself

If you are a nerd just like me, it would be wise to stop pretending that you are not.  There are now many different types of blog out there and many are only about SEO techniques.  These can certainly be of interest to those people who have a website and want to promote their business online.

Matt Cutts is a SEO expert and he owns a blog, which has been very popular for quite some time now.  Here it is possible to find advice about many SEO techniques, as well as new strategies for taking your SEO to a whole new level.  Some people have already considered Matt a true genius when it comes to SEO and this is why many respect his advice and follow it.  He has also created many different videos, which are guides to getting better at SEO and the one below will certainly help you to get started.  Even though this video may last for very long (one hour), it certainly has a lot of useful advice that any SEO beginner should learn about.

Enjoy the video and learn from the experts