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If you are a nerd just like me, it would be wise to stop pretending that you are not.  There are now many different types of blog out there and many are only about SEO techniques.  These can certainly be of interest to those people who have a website and want to promote their business online.

Matt Cutts is a SEO expert and he owns a blog, which has been very popular for quite some time now.  Here it is possible to find advice about many SEO techniques, as well as new strategies for taking your SEO to a whole new level.  Some people have already considered Matt a true genius when it comes to SEO and this is why many respect his advice and follow it.  He has also created many different videos, which are guides to getting better at SEO and the one below will certainly help you to get started.  Even though this video may last for very long (one hour), it certainly has a lot of useful advice that any SEO beginner should learn about.

Enjoy the video and learn from the experts

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