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Using social media to improve your economy

Making money with YouTube and Facebook Promoting Products Some people are certainly making some cash using Facebook and YouTube and this is why some experts are encouraging others to use these social media sites for improving their economies. According to many people, you can make tons of money with this method, by prmoting other people’s […]


Earn some cash with Twitter

How to make money with Twitter Making profits with Twitter There are many people claiming to be experts on how to make money on Twitter, but you should certainly be wary of them. Some will give the idea of opening more than one account and trying to get automatic software to help you get to […]


Different social bookmarking websites

Sites you can use for social bookmarking Making social bookmarking part of your online life In this post, all of you who have been looking for websites that provide social bookmarking, will get some options that you can use right now. This is not a very large list, but it contains the sites that have […]


Getting to understand social bookmarking

Social Bookmarking Software That Helps Finding The Right Tools It is very likely that you have heard about social bookmarking, but it is also very likely that you have no idea what this is. In a few words, social bookmarking is almost the same as the bookmarking that is allowed in the most common internet […]


Smug marketing campaigns?

A controversial iPhone ad Learning more about marketing campaigns The video link that you will find below,  is a parody that was created based on an iPhone advertisement and it is quite entertaining to watch. Some marketing advertisements can have a smug or arrogant style and this is why this parody of an advertisement was […]


Setting up your Vanity URL in your Facebook Fan Page

 Doing the job right Using Facebook for your own good In this article, you will learn about how to make your Facebook fan page more popular and to be seen by more people in just a few simple steps. The article also includes the link to a video, which will help you to understand this […]