Commisions Automator is a Great Plug-In

New WordPress Opportunities To Earn Money


Receive Money Directly in your PayPal Account


Ken Reno and Richard Wing released a WordPress plug-in, which is actually very useful and can make you earn a lot of money if you use it correctly.  This plug-in is called Commisions Automator and it does exactly what its name says, it automates commissions directly to your account.  With this WordPress pulg-in you can simply add your affiliate id and receive the money from your commissions in your PayPal account.

There really isn’t a simpler way to receive money from blogging or having a website and this is why you should have this plug-in if you use WordPress.  The best part about this new plug-in is that you do not pay the normal $67 fee, instead they are now offering BETA users the opportunity to get it for less than $5.  This is certainly a great opportunity and this is why you should read more about this plug-in right away.

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