Five small blogging sites besides Twitter

Other options to get visitors

The underdogs

There is almost no one in the modern world, who has not heard about Facebook or Twitter and this is only due to the fact that these are excellent methods to promote your business, website, blog or simply to meet people.  Even if you think you know a lot about the blogging sites out there, you may not yet know that there are some other options besides Facebook and Twitter, which could actually be a lot better than these.

Below, is the lists of five different sites, which are basically, suppose to make your online social life grow rapidly.  There are different types of social networking sites and some even allow users to upload videos or to upload their own articles.

If you feel, like there is more that you can do to attract some visitors to your website or blog, using some of these five websites, will certainly give you more probabilities.  After you take a look at some of these options, you should give all of them a try and try to learn how they can be helpful to reach your goals.

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