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Hiding your download page, without a problem

 stop product theft

All those people who are planning to make some money on the internet should try one of the following techniques, as they have proven to be successful and many other website owners are already using them.  There are certainly many good ways to make money on the web, but one of the best is to start producing your own digital products.  How to videos, online guides, PDF reports and audio files, are only a few of the things that you can offer people through your website and all of these can generate some sort of income.

One thing that many have failed at doing and that should not happen, if you want to make this a successful opportunity for you, is to actually deliver what your clients are paying for.  If they purchase a How-to video or they buy an e-Book, you should deliver it to them, as soon as possible and it should have the best quality that you can offer them.  There are basically two methods for accomplishing this successfully and they are to create a download page or to create a password protected membership site.

Both of these methods work extremely well to deliver your digital products to your clients, but they both have advantages and disadvantages, which can really change your mind about them.

If you are barely getting started in the internet commerce lifestyle, you should probably try the first option, as it is easier to setup and to manage.  While creating a download page is a very cheap and effective way to allow your clients to get their products, it can also be a costly mistake, as there are many online criminals out there, who would happily try to find your download page and then distribute it illegally, creating a huge loss of profits for you.

The only way that this method can be useful and a lot more productive like a password protected membership site, is to hide your download page from unwanted visitors and this could actually keep you protected, without having to spend a lot of your money on a password protected membership site.

There are many how-to videos in Youtube and other similar sites, which are very helpful and that will teach you how to hide your download page from unwanted visitors.  It is always a wise idea to check who created the how-to video or guide, as there are also frauds here that could affect how you create your hidden download page.

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