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There are certainly many methods out there, which can help anyone to get more visitors to their blogs and fans in their Facebook fan pages. Following some of the methods that have already worked for other people, is one of the wisest things you can do and this is why there are now more people being successful at this activity every day.
In the following paragraphs, you will be able to read six of the best tips to make your Facebook fan page more popular and to get so many visitors that you will not even believe it is true. If you follow these steps and make a few innovations of your own, you can certainly make any Facebook fan page of your get a lot of fans.
It is always a good idea to start on a few of these steps first and not to continue with the rest until you have achieved some good results with some of the first ones. Mastering a step a time will make your goals a whole lot easier to be reached.

how to get more facebook fans

-Step One

Add a catchy title to your fan page

The most important things when it comes to marketing on the internet is the title that a website or fan page has, as this will grab the attention of web surfers and will make them want to click to take a look at your information. Your title should include keywords, which will make it easier to be found in web search engines and that will increase the number of people that find your fan page.
Sometimes it is a good idea to add a little humor to your title, or to come up with a catchy phrase that everyone will identify when they hear it. You will need to do a research around the web, to see if there are no other similar titles as to the one you are thinking, as these can result in a lot of competition and it will become more difficult for you to get more fans. Use Google Keyword Tool or Market Samurai, to help you find the best keywords for your title and your content. This type of software makes it extremely easy to identify the best way to attract more visitors and this is why you should sue them immediately.
Since you need to have at least 25 fans in your Facebook fan page to continue to step two, you certainly need to use those types of software to come up with an interesting title for your fan page and so that you can change your URL as well.

-Step Two

Add interesting content to your fan page

One of the key factors for making any blog or fan page popular is to keep adding interesting content regularly. IF you do not provide your visitors with something interesting to read, listen to or watch, they will certainly lose interest in your fan page and they will stop following you.
Adding some content, to your fan page as little as once a week, can be enough to keep your fans interested, but adding more information per week, could definitely make your number of fans increase very fast. There are many ways that you can find content for your Facebook fan page and these include Ezinearticles, YouTube, hiring a writer or other bloggers. Adding some offers from Amazon or other similar sites every once in a while to your posts, can also increase the profits that you make from your Facebook fan page and this is why you need to keep adding content on a regular basis.

-Step Three

Become partners with others

There are certainly many people that have similar interests as yours and there are probably other fan pages on Facebook, that will be very similar to yours or that are in the same niche. You could think about contacting some of the other owners of these fan pages and proposing a business deal to them, since this will certainly increase both of your fan numbers and profits as well.
If you want to get a partner, you should definitely look for some of those fan page owners that have a lot of fans and that can be of help to you. You should try to find fan pages with more than 5000 fans, but if you can find some that have more than this number it would be a lot better.
Contacting the owners of those fan pages is usually very easy, because they will have their contact information published in their fan page and this can make it easy for you to communicate with them.
Sometimes those fan page owners will not want to become partners with you, but you can still offer them some money to post a link to their blog, so that you can get more fans to your page.
By following this method you can easily get more than the 25 fans that you need to be able to change your Facebook Vanity URL.

get more facebook fans

-Step Four

Using Facebook Ads

Facebook Fan Page Ads is a paid service, which will increase the number of fans that you get every week. This method is great, because it does grab the attention of a lot of people, it does not cost a lot of money and you do not have to sign any contracts or keep using it at all.
To make your ads more attractive, you will need to get some interesting photos and phrases, to catch people’s attention. Don’t use nudity or other offensive material, because this can get your ad disapproved by the Facebook staff and this will not only cost you money, but may also be bad for your fan page.
You can start using this service for as little as $1 per day, which means you could be getting a lot of fans in just a short period of time. This is a great way to increase your fan numbers, to get the website URL that you want and to actually being part of the Facebook fan page community.

-Step Five

Using Fivver

There are other marketing methods online, which can also help to draw more people to visit your Facebook fan page and one of these is Fivver. With the help of this service, you can find people that are interested in your fan page topic and that are willing to promote it, if you pay a fee of $5. This is certainly not a high price to pay for some good advertisement and this is why you should definitely visit to get more information about their services and opportunities.

-Step Six

Change your name

Don’t try opening several Facebook accounts to promote your fan page, it is a better idea to go to different blogs, sites, forums or fan pages and post with different names and a link to your fan page. This can certainly attract a lot of visitors to your fan page in a just a few days and this is one of the methods that is used the most, by internet marketers today.
While some people believe that this is not a good way of marketing your fan page, it certainly does provide some great results and if you are looking to increase your fan numbers, you should definitely give this method a try.

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