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There are now applications and software like Google Analytics, which allow you to take a completely different look into your blog.  If you do not know much about Google Analytics, you will be amazed to see what it can do for you and your site, as it will provide you will a lot of stats and other useful information, including a Bounce Rate, which will help you to improve the way your website works.  Many of the stats that these applications and software provide include keyword rates, bounce rate and much more.  The best thing about Google Analytics is that you can download it for free and that it will work with your WordPress blog or website.

An easy way to explain Bounce Rate is by understanding that this is a visit to a website that only takes a look at one page.  This means, a visitor will open one of your links, but they will not take a look at some of the other information in your blog or website.  This is considered a bounce, because the visitor only looks at one page and then leaves your website, without taking a look at all of the other information you may have available.

When this happens, it does not always mean that the visitor was not interested in your website and this is the reason they left, but instead it could mean that the visitor found exactly what they were looking for in that single page of yours and that’s why they left the website, without looking at any other of your pages.

According to many experts, the higher the Bounce Rate is in your website, the worst that your website is doing, since people are arriving, but not staying very long. This means that either you do not have your website well organized, the visitors are arriving at some of your WebPages and don’t really enjoy them or they simply do not draw their attention enough to look around your site.

If you use Google Analytics, it will be extremely easy for you to learn how your website is doing and if there many visitors with a high bounce rate.  It is said that if your bounce rate is higher than 70%, you really need to make some changes to your website and start seeing why some of your visitors are not gaining as much interest on your articles, as you expect them to do.

Some experts also recommend not comparing your bounce rate to that of other similar sites, as they will have nothing similar to each other and they do not depend on each other to become a better website.

So, if you have a software, which helps you to identify your bounce rate, you should consider deleting those pages, which are not getting much traffic and even making some changes to them, so that visitors can be more interested in them, when they visit your site.  You should not worry much, if your bounce rate is higher than you expected, as you can make some improvements to your website and drop this rate fast.

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