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There are many new tools being developed every day, yet the one mentioned below, is simply fantastic for any blogger or those people who post comments in other sites as well.  By posting comments on other blogs and websites, you can get some traffic to your own website, since these comments should include a link to your site.

Some of the people, who post comments, add a photo to their profile and this certainly makes them look a lot more professional and attract even more people to post comments.  This is one of the most basic techniques for getting some traffic to your site, but now thanks to a tool that was recently released, you can now find out more about those people who post comments to your blog and if they are people you want to contact in the future or not.

If you want to make this a successful strategy for you, it would be a good idea to add a photo to your profile and to make an interesting comment as well.  This will increase your chances of actually getting your comment published and that your link is also added to the publication.  Many times, the moderator of a website or blog, will not publish a comment, if they believe it is spam or if the comment has nothing to do with the article on that page.

I have already started trying this out for my blogs and it is yielding some good results.  I strongly encourage you to watch this video from You Tube, which will teach you more about this free tool, you can use to get more traffic to your site and how to do it correctly.

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