More traffic for bloggers (Part Two)

The second part to Craig Caron’s list


Getting more visitors the easy way


This is a continuation of the list in the past post named, “More traffic for bloggers (Part One)”.  If you start following some of the tips and ideas in this list, your blog or website will certainly increase its visitors and it will surely become a lot more popular real fast.  So, here is the second part to this amazing list:

  • Add plugins that help to optimize your site
  • Use keywords and phrases in each post or article
  • Use niche directories to submit your posts or articles
  • Get review sites to add your posts
  • Use codes to make it simple for people to get a link to your site
  • Use to connect with other people doing the same thing
  • Add your site to the most popular search engines yourself
  • Always complete you profile in every account, since this helps people to know you better
  • Become a member of a safe list and promote your website there.
  • Become a member of a Google or Yahoo group
  • Make some stickers with your URL on them and put them everywhere (your car, office, home, windows, etc)
  • Use teleseminars to promote your site
  • Webinar hosting
  • Use the Alexa Web Information to see how your site is doing
  • Use Squidoo lenses to promote your site
  • Try to get PR 4 backlinks
  • Use Flickr or other similar website to upload photos
  • Add your URL to envelopes, sheets of paper or other office supplies
  • Buy a website similar to yours, which already has traffic
  • Try to come to a deal with others to promote your site
  • Use postcards and direct mail to get more traffic
  • Use iTunes and podcast to promote your site
  • Rent a common street billboard and post your url
  • Give away something for free like an ebook, an e-course or e-postcard
  • Tell friends about your site
  • Leave your business cards at restaurants or other businesses
  • Use ezines and other publishers to promote your site
  • AddMetatags to all of your website’s pages
  • Place classified ads with your url in them, everywhere possible.

If you master a couple of the methods mentioned in this list, you will most certainly get some traffic to your site and you can make this a successful venture like you have always dreamt of.

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