More traffic for bloggers (Part One)

A list of things you can do to improve your blog

Opportunities for bloggers

Sometimes I like to visit a website called The Warrior Forum and recently I found an interesting article there, which talks about how bloggers can acquire more visitors to their website in a few easy steps. There are quite a few good ideas on the thread at this forum, but a user by the name of Craig Caron, published a list of methods that can really help you to get more traffic to your site, without really trying that hard.
By only applying a few of the following methods or strategies, you can certainly get some traffic to your blog and because there are more ideas coming up soon, any blogger can surely start getting some traffic to their sites in the next couple of weeks.

The List

• Get a press release written about your site or business and find somewhere to publish it at.
• Get some free promoting opportunities from classified ads, that do not charge at all.
• Post comments on other blogs, with a link to your site
• Use Craiglist to promote your website, but it has to be on the exact category
• Create some software and give it away for free
• Give away some of your products to other site owners, in exchange for marketing space on their websites.
• Use Digg and other similar blog websites, to promote your own blog.
• Get a Linkedin account
• Write your own book
• Sell PDF files with links to your site
• Make an exchange of links with other similar websites
• Get somebody to get a tattoo of your website’s name
• Pay for some advertising space on magazines and websites
• Write articles for magazines and websites, that allow you to add a link to your site
• Buy banner ads or advertising space on Ebay
• Use Yahoo Classifies Ads to promote your website
• Find some people with the same interests as you, to help you promote your site
• Get an account at
• Offer a free course online
• Update your website information to keep people interested
• Use some of the social media icons on your website
• Buy space on your local newspaper classified ads
• Make some business cards with your URL on them
• Add a video about your site to You Tube
• Create an affiliate program or join one
• Get a commercial on TV
• Sponsor a local news channel or business
• Create more blogs, that redirect their visitors to your website
• Add your blog to as many directories as possible
• Use a ping service for your blog
• Always add tags to your posts
• Use some RSS feeds to get more fans
• Make some changes to some of your articles and add them to other directories
• Use Technorati to find more traffic
• Use an email, so that visitors can contact you
• Send your RSS feeds to as many sites as possible

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