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SEO is going to change

Google is helping with SEO


Both link farms and some of the blogs in the web, will be checked by Google and this could really alter many of the known parameters for website rankings and more.  There are many blog networks out there, which are linking back to one single website and this affects the way Google ranks every site.  Now, with the new options that Google is going to create, these networks may stop working and those sites that are truly real could get better ranks.

Link farms are also about the same thing and they also affect the real websites presence on the web.  This is sometimes known as Black Hat SEO, as it does not follow some of the rules that have been preset by others before.  If the rules are followed by the person involved in SEO, then they are involved in a White or Gray Hat SEO technique, which is allowed by most internet search engines.

Those websites that are somewhat involved with one of these or more networks, will be very affected by the new rules that Google is going to establish and how they are going to be checking for such things. This will also make those who follow these SEO techniques, to have to change their strategy, if they want to have some good results on the web and advertising their website.

If you want to have a good rank in Google, you must place links in as many places of the web as you can, as this will guarantee that you have more visitors. There are many guides out there that can help you to do this without getting involved in Black Hat SEO and you can find some of them in this site.

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