Phil Henderson has many SEO tips for beginners

Get to the top of Google ranking

SEO advice from experts

One of the people who knows the most about SEO is certainly Phil Henderson, who has created the Stupidly Simple SEO, which is meant to help all those who are not very familiar with this activity and are not yet at the top of Google’s ranking.

This man has also recorded several interviews for some blogs and websites, which can be found in YouTube and through their channels.  These interviews talk about making money on the web and what are the different methods for accomplishing this as fast as possible.

Having YouTube videos and sending as much traffic to them as possible is important, as these can be wonderful for increasing your affiliate link traffic.  Some people have reported getting more than 1000 visitors in one day, after they have used some of the methods recommended by Phil, which means that you could actually make a lot of money by following his advice and ideas.

In some of his interviews and work, Phil also talks about other SEO experts who are making some important changes on the marketing strategies that they use and are getting extremely good results.  Hope that you can benefit from the advice that this man has for you and that you tell more people about this article  and the work that Phil Henderson has done.


New options in Google can help you

SEO is going to change

Google is helping with SEO


Both link farms and some of the blogs in the web, will be checked by Google and this could really alter many of the known parameters for website rankings and more.  There are many blog networks out there, which are linking back to one single website and this affects the way Google ranks every site.  Now, with the new options that Google is going to create, these networks may stop working and those sites that are truly real could get better ranks.

Link farms are also about the same thing and they also affect the real websites presence on the web.  This is sometimes known as Black Hat SEO, as it does not follow some of the rules that have been preset by others before.  If the rules are followed by the person involved in SEO, then they are involved in a White or Gray Hat SEO technique, which is allowed by most internet search engines.

Those websites that are somewhat involved with one of these or more networks, will be very affected by the new rules that Google is going to establish and how they are going to be checking for such things. This will also make those who follow these SEO techniques, to have to change their strategy, if they want to have some good results on the web and advertising their website.

If you want to have a good rank in Google, you must place links in as many places of the web as you can, as this will guarantee that you have more visitors. There are many guides out there that can help you to do this without getting involved in Black Hat SEO and you can find some of them in this site.


Free Advice from an Expert

Creating audio products is simple

Audio products can be profitable


Being on the World’s Internet Summit mailing list is simply something that you must do.  Tutorials for making money on the web are always available here and one that was recently released by Mike Stewart is certainly very helpful.

He is considered as one of the experts in this topic and this is why we wanted to share this with you.

Relax while watching this video, but get something useful out of it.



Creating some great videos with Google’s help

There are some new applications for creating videos

Making your site better

Recently, I just found out about a great tool that can be used for creating videos.  It belongs to the collection of Google’s applications and it certainly very useful  The only thing that you need to use it, is to have your own Google account.

Whether you have Power Point or not, this will be a very useful tool for you.  This is a very simple tool to use for the creation of presentations and it certainly one that you want to have.



Making money with some products

Free master resale products rights can earn you money

Making money on the web

People who keep moaning about how hard it is to come up with products to sell on your website or how difficult it is find the time to create them or even how much they are worth, can now stop this, because there are now many methods that could be used to create products effectively without having to worry about all this.

Wayne Lambert is only one of the people who are helping others with master resale rights products for free and this is one of the top money making schemes right now.  This man has created several video tutorials and he has posted them online for everyone to see.  According to him, this is one of his marketing experiments and this is the main reason why he is giving away these tutorial or how-to guides for free.

If you are one of the people who does not know how to start creating their own products, watching this video tutorial will be very useful and it will teach you a lot about product creation.


Creating products very fast

Spending almost no money on products

Creating the right products for your site

The Clickbank Millionaire Master class, clearly states that in order to get more visitors to your site, you must have your own products to offer your visitors.  This is actually a great tip, as having your own products to sell on your site, will be of great profit and they can almost sell themselves.  Having some products to offer your visitors, will work entirely for you, as these can be purchased and downloaded by your visitors at any time, even while you are not logged in or asleep.

Some may believe that they do not have the skills or knowledge to create products to offer their visitors online, but the creation of these is actually a lot easier than most people think.  Mark Anastasi, is an entrepreneur who has created a course for people to learn how to create products online easily and there is also an ebook called “Makin $4000 from an ebook”, which can also help you to learn more about this strategy for your website.

 Finding useful content

Many people are worried about how they can find content to build their own products, but thanks to the internet and other resources it is incredibly easy to find what you need these days.  Here are a few sources that will help you to build some PLR (Private Label Rights):

Getting advice from experts

Even if ebooks are considered a great product for your website, if you can have audio or video files, you will have a much greater shot at making money with them.  If you want some audio files, you can easily create them without spending almost any money on them.  One of the things that you could do, is to find experts on your niche and interview them.  You can then record this interview and this can easily become an audio product for you to offer online.  People will be interested in this file, because it comes from an expert and it could really help them.  Some of the tools that you could use to create audio files include:

Knowing what your market wants

Even if those sounds dumb, the best way to know what your market wants is to ask them.  If you can find people that are interested in your niche, you can simply ask them what type of products they would be willing to buy and this will allow you to identify what kind of products you should be preparing.  THe hard question to answer is, where to find people interested in your niche?

Forums is one of the best places to find people to talk to and there are forums for almost every niche possible.  You can also add a survey to your website and get information from the results.  Creating a survey is not hard at all and there are websites like that allow you to create one in just a few instants.

These are all excellent tips for creating your own products, yet there are many others that could be helpful for you and this is why it is important to stay updated with the latest information about product creation all of the time.



Having a download page

Hiding your download page, without a problem

 stop product theft

All those people who are planning to make some money on the internet should try one of the following techniques, as they have proven to be successful and many other website owners are already using them.  There are certainly many good ways to make money on the web, but one of the best is to start producing your own digital products.  How to videos, online guides, PDF reports and audio files, are only a few of the things that you can offer people through your website and all of these can generate some sort of income.

One thing that many have failed at doing and that should not happen, if you want to make this a successful opportunity for you, is to actually deliver what your clients are paying for.  If they purchase a How-to video or they buy an e-Book, you should deliver it to them, as soon as possible and it should have the best quality that you can offer them.  There are basically two methods for accomplishing this successfully and they are to create a download page or to create a password protected membership site.

Both of these methods work extremely well to deliver your digital products to your clients, but they both have advantages and disadvantages, which can really change your mind about them.

If you are barely getting started in the internet commerce lifestyle, you should probably try the first option, as it is easier to setup and to manage.  While creating a download page is a very cheap and effective way to allow your clients to get their products, it can also be a costly mistake, as there are many online criminals out there, who would happily try to find your download page and then distribute it illegally, creating a huge loss of profits for you.

The only way that this method can be useful and a lot more productive like a password protected membership site, is to hide your download page from unwanted visitors and this could actually keep you protected, without having to spend a lot of your money on a password protected membership site.

There are many how-to videos in Youtube and other similar sites, which are very helpful and that will teach you how to hide your download page from unwanted visitors.  It is always a wise idea to check who created the how-to video or guide, as there are also frauds here that could affect how you create your hidden download page.


Finding a Niche

internet marketing

Making your marketing adventures online simpler

Using the right tools

Many people have asked if finding a niche to open your business or stat a business and then start looking how to promote is right way to market their new start up company, yet there is only one way that will provide good results.

The first thing that you should do is to find a niche that interest you, as this will allow to have some fun while you work.  You must then start learning what type of enterprises or people are selling to that market and how you could get your hands on the best quality products at the lowest price.

The next vital step would be to find out, if there are people and businesses buying the products in your niche, as if they are not, you would have nobody to sell your products to.  This will determine how productive your new business really is and if you will be able to stay open to the public or not.  You can then find exactly what these people are trying to buy and you can now supply them with these products.

Since many of these niches have thousands of companies already providing products to the public, it would be wise to create a sales page and try to generate traffic to it, before actually starting to sell your products. This will ensure that you have better sales when you do open to the public and that you start generating more profits faster.

Another easy method for learning more about marketing campaigns online and other ways to promote your business is to use tools such as Niche Research and Market Research.  These are all excellent examples of software that can be used to help you find the right niche for you and how to start on the right foot.  Marketing online is not as hard as some may think and having success with some of these online techniques can be completed easily with some of these tools.


Living Like a Millionaire

Learn How to Pamper Yourself


Earning More

Internet Marketing is a great business opportunity these days and there are many people who spend more than eight hours daily, working on their marketing campaigns on the web.  This is not a regular job and you will certainly need to do a lot more things that you normally do, but it can be very rewarding and it could help you to live like a millionaire. 

There are now many books and information sites on the web, which can help you to learn more about internet marketing, but one of the best is definitely one that you can find at

This book will teach you about many different internet marketing methods, which are known to be successful and that will give you a better idea of how to make some money.  This book will also motivate you a lot and you will want to get started on what you learned, as soon as you finish reading the last page of this book.

This book is highly recommended and you will certainly increase your knowledge of internet marketing if you read it.


Using a Research Tool to Find a Niche

Stop Worrying About Your Topics


Learning What Is Popular

For most people, finding the right market to get into is the toughest choice, when it comes to starting a blog or a website.  Many people in marketing know this as your niche, as this is the market you will be focusing on.  If you are having problems deciding what to start with, you can now use some research tools that can help you with it.

A nice free service that can help you to find the right niche for you can be found at and you will be very glad that you started using it.  They will send you email with the latest information about the different niches available online and this will allow you to decide what the best option for you is.

With this service, you will also be able to find those niches, where there is not a lot of competition and where you could become the top of the chain very fast.  This service will also provide you with an invaluable list of keywords, which will help you to find the best niche for you and to add attractive information to your blog or site.

If you have never tried an online business, you should sign up for this free service, as it will help you a lot more than you think and you will be able to find the right niche for you in no time at all.  Since visiting will not cost you a cent, there is really no reason why you should not give it a try right now.