Phil Henderson has many SEO tips for beginners

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One of the people who knows the most about SEO is certainly Phil Henderson, who has created the Stupidly Simple SEO, which is meant to help all those who are not very familiar with this activity and are not yet at the top of Google’s ranking.

This man has also recorded several interviews for some blogs and websites, which can be found in YouTube and through their channels.  These interviews talk about making money on the web and what are the different methods for accomplishing this as fast as possible.

Having YouTube videos and sending as much traffic to them as possible is important, as these can be wonderful for increasing your affiliate link traffic.  Some people have reported getting more than 1000 visitors in one day, after they have used some of the methods recommended by Phil, which means that you could actually make a lot of money by following his advice and ideas.

In some of his interviews and work, Phil also talks about other SEO experts who are making some important changes on the marketing strategies that they use and are getting extremely good results.  Hope that you can benefit from the advice that this man has for you and that you tell more people about this article  and the work that Phil Henderson has done.

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