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In this article, you will learn about how to make your Facebook fan page more popular and to be seen by more people in just a few simple steps. The article also includes the link to a video, which will help you to understand this better.

The Vanity URL or Facebook fan page URL is a very important part of your fan page and if you create it well, you could increase your traffic very fast. The words that are included in the URL are the words that people most commonly use to find your page and if you place the correct ones, you will appear in their searches a whole lot more.  Not many people know this and that it can also be sued to increase the popularity of your page.  The steps to follow for changing the words in your URL are the following:

  • Sign in to your Facebook account
  • Type in your browser and it will redirect you to the place where you can manage your username
  • In this section, you can manage the pages that you can choose from
  • Once the page you want has been selected, you can then type in the words you want to appear there in the right box that is on the right side of this section.
  • If the page is available, you can then choose to save your setting

You should also follow some of the advice described below in order to have a more popular Facebook fan page:

  • You cannot change your page name until 25 people have liked your fan page. Reading about how to get more Facebook friends, followers and likes is important to learn about this.
  • Think about what you want people to see. Whether it is your business name, your company’s name or the service that you provide, it is important to find words that would commonly describe you and that people already use to find you.
  • If services or products are being promoted, several pages can be created to describe each one of them

In the video below, you can watch exactly how changing your Facebook fan page URL is done and how you can change yours in just a couple of minutes.


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