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Those who have watched the Social Network movie have said that it is a good movie and that it is a good way to spend some of your free time.  Not only, is this a good movie to watch, but if you own a blog or website, it can also be of much help, as there are several scenes that give you some excellent tips on how to use social networking to get more visitors and fans.  This movie also has a very amazing cast, which make watching it worth your time.

The main thing that one should focus on while watching this movie, is the intensity of how the main character (Mark Zuckerberg) is very motivated on everything that he does and how he tries to do his best on every single activity that he is involved.  Even, if some critics say that this lifestyle was enhanced in the movie, one must still think that the real person, on which the main character is based on, must have had similar qualities or else he would not have accomplished what he did.

If you want to be as highly motivated as you possibly can, you must not only think about how you can be more like Mark Zuckerberg, but actually be yourself and accomplish your goals.  If you are creating a website or blog, you must first visualize what it is you want to accomplish and this will allow you to have a plan to reach your goals.  The following tips will surely help you to stay focused and to be highly motivated at all times:

  • Try to set goals that are much higher than your normal goals.  This will help you to stay motivated and to try and do your best at everything that you try.
  • Give all of your goals a deadline and really accomplish them by that date.  If there is an emergency and you must postpone one of your deadlines, then you should definitely complete the goal by the recently established deadline.
  • Review some of the things that you have done and see if they are really helping you to achieve your goals.  If you find something that is not being useful, simply stop doing it and try to do something productive with that time.
  • Always try and complete one goal successfully at a time, because trying to do everything at once, will simply result in bigger problems.
  • Do it all over again

Another of the main factors in being successful and that is also shown in the movie, is how being consistent and persistent helps to achieve your goals.  The main character in the movie is rather compulsive about trying to make his website successful, but at the end he accomplished what he set up to do in the beginning.

In the movie, the main character also depicts how he is not good at everything and that he does need help from other people from time to time.  Knowing what are your limits is also essential to being successful, as hiring or getting help from someone who is an expert in those activities, will yield you far better results than if you try at them on your own.

Another important tip that blog owners can get from this movie, is how meeting people in real life and online can help to increase your visitor numbers.  Having the right connections is as important in a normal business, as it is in an online business and this is seen perfectly in the movie.

Trying to surround yourself, with smart and capable people, will always help you to be far more successful than if you hang out with people who are not trying to accomplish anything in life.  Joining Facebook groups is an excellent way to meet people who have the same interests as you and this can certainly be a good place to start promoting your website or blog.  Many of these groups have very large numbers of fans and this means that there is a huge possibility for you there.

Staying in contact with the members of those groups is very important as this will allow you to keep them informed about any new updates your site or blog.  Using methods like Skype and MSN can make it extremely easy to stay in touch and this is why it is strongly recommended to start meeting people online as soon as possible, if you want to make your site or blog successful.

You can always host some interviews and then use them as podcasts in your website or blog.  This is an excellent way to promote your business and to make other people interested in what you are trying to inform them about.  Getting connected with as many people as possible online is not an easy task and this does take a lot of time and consistency.

If you want to be inspired, you need to gain the moment to accomplish your goals.  Feeling that what you are doing, really does have a purpose, will allow you to succeed faster and to create better things, as this will give you the motivation to wanting to change something in the world.

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