Three methods that can help your blog

Promoting your blog in three easy steps

Bonus tips for promoting your blog

Promote your blog

In this post, you will learn how to attract more visitors to your website and how to keep them coming in the long run.  By reading this post, you will understand how three methods are used to promote blogs and you will even learn some bonus tips, which can be very helpful as well.

Something that you must remember about the methods you will reab about in this post, is that they are most effective if they are used on their own and if you do not try to get all of the benefits out of the three at the same time.  This can only result in spending less time, trying to make one of these methods effective and it will not yield as many visitors to your blog, as you would expect.  Being serious about your blog and spending time to keep it up to date, will definitely attract more visitors and it is one of the things you must do if you want to make it successful.

Promote your content

One of the methods for attracting visitors to your website, includes promoting your content in some of the websites that already have a lot of visitors.  This websites include Ezinearticles, Goarticles and Articlesbase.  These are all excellent places to post some content that will help the readers of those websites and that will deliberately redirect them to your blog.   These websites do allow you to do some marketing and there are many others, which are very similar to these ones and that are now very popular in search engines like Google.

You should not start by simply adding articles and comments on these websites, with your blog link in them, but you should rather begin by making comments on other people’s articles and writing your own, without any links in them.  This will help to gain some respect for your account and people will begin to take it seriously.  When this happens, you can then start to post some links to your blog and this will certainly bring some traffic to it.

Blogging as a guest

guest blogging

Many people do not consider this a good way of attracting traffic to their blog, but writing as a guest on other people’s blog, can actually be of a lot of help to make your blog more popular.  To use this method, you will need to find a blog that is similar to yours or that receives traffic that might be interested in what your blog has to offer.  You will then need to contact the blog owner and ask for permission to post an article on their blog and to add a link to yours in the article.  Some may think that this is only time mispent, but getting some articles on some popular blogs can really increase the number of people that visit your blog.

Another advantage about this is, that you will make some friendship or business relationships with some of the blog owners you stay in contact with, which will eventually be of much help in your goal to make your blog more popular.  By knowing more bloggers who are interested in your niche, you can come up with ideas together to make both of your blogs popular and to increase their traffic rates.

Promoting your blog via this method takes a lot of time and dedication, whih are the main reasons why most people do not like to form part of it.  You will have to write many articles in order to get a few accepted on other people’s blogs and this is why most people prefer to use other methods instead.

Marketing on Forums 

how to promote your blog

When you start a blog, you suddenly hope that people will start visiting it, but the only way this will happen is, if you let them know that you have a blog that they can read.  Forums are some of the websites were people spend the most time while on the web, because there is usually a lot of new information to read and they usually find answers to the questions they are looking for.  By visiting some of the forums related to your blog and making some comments with a link to your blog in them, you can actually generate a ton of traffic to your blog and this is why you should consider this as one of your number one methods to increase your blog’s popularity.

You should always be careful not to post too many comments with your blog’s link in them, as this could rate you as a spammer and could either block your comments or your account.  This is certainly something you do not want happening, because it will prevent you from getting more traffic to your blog.

Bonus Tips

Using directories to promote your blog might be an old method, but it certainly still works.  This is a SEO method that has been used, almost since the internet was made public and people started creating their own websites.  Services like Directory Maximizer, can really help you to improve this method for you and to make your life easier.  Using services like this will help you to increase your blog’s traffic, without having to be on your computer all the time and this is why many people really like them.

Another bonus tip to make your blog more popular is to write posts with very interesting titles and with keywords in them, which are searched for regularly on search engines.  You can use several online tools to help you accomplish this and even though this is very obvious, many people forget to write a catchy title for their posts.

All of these methods and tips will generate some traffic to your blog, but it is important to remember that you need to work on each of them carefully and that you should try to do your best in each of them.  Taking some time to make each of those methods work on its own, will generate the most traffic and this is why you must set some goals for yourself.

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